Learn to surf in Portugal

    The surf lessons will be hold by experienced, certified surf instructors guarantee fun and safety and learn quickly and effectively to surf.

    The surf lessons are held from Monday to Friday in small groups so that each of you gets enough attention from the instructors and may improve more quickly through individual advices and progress your personal skills.

    The video analysis will help you understand the tips and hints of the surf instructor and to correct your own mistakes faster.

    Beneath the practice you will also have some theory, in order to judge better the conditions at the surf spots, correctly read the waves and also know which equipment to use and when.

    Surf course schedule

    The surf lessons will always start in the morning, after the first yoga session and breakfast. The instructors pick you up from the Karma Surf Retreat and take you back again later. Who wants to stay on the beach and still continue to practicing, is free to do it.

    If you don’t bring your own equipment, each participant will get appropriate equipment assigned to his surf skills at the beginning of the surf course.

    Once the instructors have been informed about your surfing level the course might be split into smaller groups.


    Confidently with the motto „Safety is first!“, you will learn in the surf theory, how to judge properly the beaches and surf spots.

    Important points about security when surfing:

    – wave height, period and your proper skills and fitness
    – identify currents and understand what to consider
    – select best spot to paddle out
    – priority system on the water (surfing etiquette)
    – watch out for the surf buddy / other participants
    – properly fall

    Practical content from surfing lessons for beginners

    All content is initially stated at the beach and taught with comprehensive exercises in the sand which have to be internalized. Then it’s off into the water where you try to put the learned into practice. In the water the surf instructor will be aside and give you individual instructions and tips.

    – positioning on the board
    – paddling (out)
    – positioning in the water
    – select the right wave
    – waves paddling
    – take off (hop on the board to stand up)
    – correct posture while surfing
    – surfing broken waves (white water)
    – turn the board once your on it

    Most of you will surely make quick progress, so that it comes at the end of the week you will pass to the intermediate level.
    Here you will learn:

    – “duck dive” – diving through the waves
    – paddling to the “lineup” (behind the surf zone)
    – read and select the unbroken and “green” waves
    – paddling and “take off” in unbroken waves
    – take off (hop on the board)
    – surfing in unbroken waves
    – first maneuvers: “bottom turn”, and slide the wave up and down
    – get as many waves as possible

    Learn to surf faster with video analysis

    In order to allow you a greater success in surfing we work with video analysis in some surf lessons. We will record some of your surf session, which are then analyzed together with the surf instructors.

    Our experience with video analysis has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants are amazed at how well they discover errors by video analysis and understand better the surf instructions.

    – learn quicker and a steeper learning curve is guaranteed
    – discover errors (posture, stress, exercise, timing)
    – documentation of your development and learning success
    – avoid posture errors from the beginning on
    – develop a good “style”

    The surfing theory

    To give you a detailed insight into the world of surfing and guarantee a maximum of security, you will also get an introduction to climate and geographical features that influence the formation of waves and the required material (surfboards) to surf.

    You will learn:

    – how waves and swell develop
    – direction, size and period of swells
    – how does the wind influence the waves
    – where to find the best forecast
    – how are surfboards manufactured
    – science of the materials
    – history of surfing


    Don’t worry if you do not have your own surf equipment you will get everything you need for surfing from us:

    – surfboard
    – wetsuit
    – leash
    – wax

    We have a wide board range to choose from with surfboards for beginner, intermediate and advanced surfer. For the beginners there are large soft foam boards, which are particularly good in the beginning, because they have the necessary stability, so wiggle less and do not hurt in case of a collision. Of course we also have different sizes of epoxy boards. For intermediates and advanced students we also offer short boards in different sizes.

    The participants will be judged by the instructors in terms of size, weight and ability and each one receives the most appropriate board. Choosing the right material is decisive for quick learning.

    Besides the warm Portuguese sun you will also get a neoprene suit to heat up your body in the cold Atlantic. Our quality wetsuits are 3mm (summer uniform) and 4mm (spring, autumn, winter) thick.
    Of course, we also provide you with so-called leash, a rope which connects your ankle with the surf board, so that the board always remains your faithful companion and allows you to jump up immediately.

    To avoid sliding on the surfboard we will wax them before the surf session starts.

    So you see, you don’t have to take care of anything and will have one week of fun and fantastic surfing experiences and learn how to surf.session starts.


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